My bespoke leadership development programs are much more than training. Through 1:1 coaching and group training, I look at the whole person, beyond their leadership skills to what makes them who they are today. Participants foster a greater appreciation of who they are and how they show up in the world. This allows them to be more authentic and engaging to others, resulting in better leadership behaviours and more engaged teams.


I help your leaders be honest about what’s going on in their teams and become more aware of the impact they have on team culture. As self-aware leaders, they will be better equipped to stand up for their people and walk alongside them when things are tough, admit when they’re wrong, encourage innovation, learn from mistakes and celebrate team success generously.


Training sessions are fast-paced, fun and practical. They give people an understanding of models that are relevant to their situations, and supply tools and templates to make the new learnings immediately applicable.


1:1 coaching between core Authentic Leadership training modules enable leaders to apply learnings immediately to improve teams and overcome current business issues. Participants are accountable to the group in implementing ideas in the real world and responsible for coaching each other within the classroom. They are given guides to follow-up activities which they run with their teams between sessions in BAU meetings while being coached and supported in their new behaviours.


Program participants are encouraged to take action to make a difference beyond their own teams, positively impacting your organisational culture – a ripple effect of more authentic, energised and inspired leaders.

What makes this program unique?

1. Leadership learnings are implemented in a way that is relevant to each individual and applied in the workplace between training sessions – bringing learning to life.


2. Each Leader’s team members are integral to the learning process and benefit directly from the shared knowledge and exercises during the program – reaching far beyond the leaders themselves.


3. Leaders’ self-limiting beliefs are brought to light and resolved as they arise from real-life situations – providing ongoing and impactful self-development.

Schedule a free Chemistry Session

Choosing the right program for your people is a big decision – it is also important that you feel a connection and trust with your facilitator (that would be me, Claire). I like to have an initial, no strings attached chat where you can find out all you need to know, and we can gauge the chemistry.


  • Facilitation of group training days and team days - $3500 + GST
  • 1:1 NLP Coaching sessions - $250 + GST
NOTE: 10% discount offered to Not for Profit organisations.


Trusted By Our Clients

Claire is a dedicated and engaging coach. A great listener, clear communicator, and able to connect with all people in a group. She was gracious to listen to every participant and makes every person feel included. Her superpower = somehow being able to coach a room full of people yet make it feel like an individual and customised program.

Sam – Strategic Relationships Manager

Sam, Strategic Relationships Manager

Really enjoyed the program. Claire was very open with the way she teaches the course material and I enjoy how interactive the training was.


Kate, Quality and Compliance Manager

Informative and insightful. Very helpful for me to be aware of my application in the workplace and some really useful tools and resources. Excellent content.


David, IT Manager

Amazing insights into myself as a leader, and re adjustment to how to work in a team setting to bring the best out of my team.


Jo, Marketing Manager

Claire and I worked together for nearly 14 years and I cannot talk highly enough about her. She has a rock on which I leaned, an advisor, and a confidant. Super high integrity, brilliant work ethic, scrupulously honest, funny, kind, tough when needed. As a facilitator, trainer and coach she knows her content really well, has a wonderful style and people warm to her immediately. Can’t recommend her enough.

Richard Wentworth

Richard, Consultant and Executive Coach